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Do you have to visit our premises to quote?

Yes, in principal all quotation will be provided after visiting the premises and assessing the present situation and cleaning requirement. However, in cases where the client is able to describe the requirement with the help of images, etc. especially when located in the outskirts of Dubai or in the in Zones where special access rights are necessary, in such instances the quotation can be sent without a personal visit.

Do the same people come every cleaning visit?

We make every effort possible to make sure that the same person is always going to the same homes. We certainly want our employees to build a relationship with our clients. Building this relationship results in trust and satisfaction. However, there are sometimes circumstances because of which you may not have the same person. If this happens, please rest assured that the person coming into clean is just as capable as any employee that we have.

What training does your staff go through?

The staff at Janitpro undergoes off work as well as on the job training. We make sure that the people we are sending out into the field to complete these jobs have a full knowledge of our products and how to use them. We also have ongoing training to make sure that all of our employees stay up to date on all of our cleaning procedures. However, as you may know there is no more valuable training then on the job training where a new employee can put those newly learned skills to use.

What sets you apart from other cleaning companies?

Janitpro offers a personalize touch even though we can handle most of the cleaning requirement effortlessly. What makes us different from other cleaning companies is that you can directly speak with the owners to address your concerns.

Will you perform additional cleaning task above and beyond the normal tasks?

Surely we do give cleaning services that are well beyond the ordinary cleanings. We at Janitpro also go for building maintenance services. What's more, we have an incomprehensible network of services provider for whom we can vouch for as far as sensibility in pricing and delivery of work quality.

Does someone have to be present during the cleaning?

The main thing you have to do is permit us to access your home or business. Definitely if you feel comfortable you can give us a key, which makes things much easier for both parties. However by no means do you need to be home for us to complete the job. Most of our customers are not home and enjoy returning to a freshly cleaned house after a long day of work.

Do you supply your own cleaning products?

We supply all of our own products and equipment to complete the job. We have been working with the same products and equipment and have found them to be very successful. We are also always looking for products and equipment as technology changes to make sure we are providing the safest and healthiest environment for you and your family.

Can I supply my own cleaning products?

Yes, you can supply your own products although it may not have any bearing on our quoted amount. As quantifying the cost of material used may not make it worth while.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes at Janitpro we strive for Cent% satisfaction. If you are not fully satisfied with any or all of the cleaning we provide, please give us a call within one day of your cleaning and we’ll be glad to come out and fix the problems with no extra charge.